Having a improperly positioned jaw and teeth is kind of annoying but you are lucky cause here in Cebu we have the Best Orthodontists that can surely solve your dental problem. These Dentists are experienced and have lots of customer testimonials from their own websites. If you need dental braces, these Dentists will provide you the best technology, material, painless procedure and competitive price with great satisfaction.

Dr. Lynnette L. Chu graduated Doctor of Dental Medicine from Cebu Doctors University. She uses the best dental equipments and materials for orthodontic treatment. Dentist Chu is highly recommended by her customers who felt treated with great care throught the process.
Dr. Lynnette L. Chu

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List of Cebu City Orthodontists

Dr. Josephine T. Yap a Dental Medicine Doctor graduated at Cebu Doctors’ University. She has program in Orthodontics at Filipino Orthodontics Study Club.


Dr. Rodivick “Debbie” Olofernes-Docor a Doctor of Dental Medicine graduate from Southwestern University Dr. Docor obtained her Doctor in Philosophy in Dentistry at Okayama University Dental School.

Dr. Rodivick “Debbie” Olofernes-Docor

Dr. Antonio Alfredo E. Nemenzo, Dental Medicine graduated from Cebu Doctor’s College. Dr. Nemenzo uses quality dental products, honest to his clients and let his patients choose different options.