Philips Sonicare HX6932 10 FlexCare RS930I often wondered if there is a way to remove bacteria from a toothbrush. So I searched the Internet to find answers and fortunately, I discovered the Philips Sonicare HX6932/10 FlexCare RS930 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. I immediately ordered one for myself and did not bother to consult my dentist and even friends as I am already familiar with the Philips brand of oral and dental health solutions. I am a fan of some of their products. I decided to replace my other Philips toothbrush after three years of using it with this model because I was curious with its UV sanitizer. Supposedly, this feature helps remove bacteria from my toothbrush for even better oral health. I was astounded with the magnificence of this product as it combines both new and usual features Philips electric toothbrush is known for. This product is magnificent indeed as it has provided me several reasons why I wasn’t wrong with replacing my older toothbrush.

Cleaner Toothbrush with UV Brush Head Sanitizer
This is the top reason why I am excited to share my ideas for this rechargeable electric toothbrush from Philips. You will find that this product comes with an all in one storage unit, sanitizer, and charging equipment. This multi-function accessory is equipped with an ultraviolet brush head which is intended to help kill nearly one hundred percent of viruses and selected bacteria on the toothbrush head. And true to its advertisement that the UV cleaning process is not complicated, I just simply place the brush head in the multi-function gadget then push the button and presto the brush head is sanitized. An added convenience you will experience is that you will have no problem sharing as it comes with 3 interchangeable color coded rings, making it easy for my housemates to identify the correct brush head.

Gentle Cleaning Device
This electric and rechargeable toothbrush is embedded with exclusive Philips Sonicare technology for best results when it comes to oral and dental health. I am totally impressed with this feature as it is able to create 31,000 motions per minute to clean my teeth. With that, I can feel that its dynamic cleaning yet gentle action on my teeth really help my mouth become cleaner and healthier since I shifted to this toothbrush. I was even more surprised one day when my teenager nephew whom I recommended this toothbrush to called me up to thank me for recommending this Philips Electric toothbrush with Sonicare technology to him. He now has an excellent toothbrush that works well with his braces.

Healthier Gums in a Fortnight
This toothbrush has wider reach; thus, it does not only remove plaque in between teeth, it even helps stimulate my gums. As a result, my gums do not bleed anymore.

Customized Toothbrush
I also credit the fact that I can customize the brushing mode of this product in order to take care of my different oral care requirements. Just like other Philips electric toothbrush models, this one has three cleaning modes. I personally find all brushing mode effective in removing plaque. I use the clean mode if I want the usual total mouth cleaning experience, massage mode when I want to stimulate my gums so that it stays healthy always, and I shift to sensitive when I want to avoid bleeding gums when brushing my teeth. In addition, I switch to two different cleaning modes from time to time. If I want quick brushing, I use the GoCare personalized routine and MaxCare if I prefer complete and thorough cleaning of my mouth.

User Friendly Illumination
Each time I switched on this toothbrush, I see it backlighting. The light indicates the brushing mode I choose. In addition, I find the charging indicator to remind me how much battery life is left or if there is a need for me to recharge.

The Pros of Philips Sonicare HX6932/10 FlexCare RS930
I say that this toothbrush delivers the right strokes when it comes to my personal oral and dental health. These are the upsides that I find in this product.

  • The three brushing mode and two personalized routine is very helpful as there is no need for any additional dental solution to remove plaque and take care of my gums. Each brushing mode and routine is very effective.
  • I feel like I have just completed a dental appointment each time I used this toothbrush. I have sparkling white teeth and my breath smells fresh even after hours since I brushed my teeth.
  • My paranoia with regards to unhygienic toothbrush is now eliminated because of the ultraviolet feature of the toothbrush. I no longer worry that there are bacteria and viruses present and transferred to my mouth each time I brush teeth. The ultraviolet technology kills bacteria and germs after every use.

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The Cons of  FlexCare RS930
This could have been the perfect toothbrush if only these flaws were not present when I use this product.

  • The standard brush head is quite awkward and I felt that it is quite bigger compared with my older toothbrush. However, I just realized that I have to open my mouth wider to accommodate the size of the standard brush head.
  • I still hear noise each time I used the toothbrush. However, it is not as irritating as my older toothbrush and besides; the noise helps me become aware that the product is functioning.

User Review
There are more than 900 users who agreed with me that this is indeed a great toothbrush. Users like me rated this product an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

I bought this product online and it is a bit pricey. But my paranoia with germs and bacteria is eliminated after every brushing so I believe I got a better deal with this Philips rechargeable toothbrush.

Overall Review
If you want total protection wherewith virus, germ, and bacteria are eliminated even from the toothbrush, then this is your ideal oral health care gadget. Philips has just up the ante when it comes to providing oral health solutions for everyone.