oral-b 7000 BIGFor our 2015 best electric toothbrush comparison, Oral-b 7,000 is top 5. The product under review, Oral B 7000 by the reputed manufacturer Braun is claimed to be an advanced electric tooth brush. It is perhaps the most recent entrant to the world tooth brush market and carries the benefits of cutting edge technology.

Oral B 7000 is not merely a tooth brush. It a system composed of many parts. The handle, a choice of brush heads, the smart guide, the charger, and carrying case are the major components along with minor adopters. An embedded system is the wireless transmission system which conveys brushing information to the smart guide for display to the user.

An important feature is built-in intelligence. The brush provides guidance to the user according to the mode selected. which is used to provide brushing guidance to the user. The smart guide which doubles as a digital clock and a display unit continuously guides the user on optimal brushing according to the brushing mode selected.

Brush heads
The Oral-B Precision 7000 electric tooth brush system comes with a number of interchangeable brush heads optimized for different brushing functions as described below. The heads which fit snugly and easily on the handle.

  • The Floss-Action brush head has micropulse bristles that allow for an outstanding plaque removal in the interdental areas.
  • The Sensitive brush head features an extra soft bristle structure that is gentle on teeth and gums.
  • The Precision Clean brush head cups each tooth with a curved bristle trim and reaches deep between teeth at the same time.
  • The 3D White brush head features a special polishing cup to naturally whiten your teeth. Please note that children under 12 years old should not use the Oral-B 3D White brush head
  • PowerTip brush head offers a deep clean in hard to reach areas, e.g. around bridges, crowns or implants.
  • The TriZone brush head features triple zone cleaning action for outstanding plaque removal, even in between teeth and can be used with all common brushing techniques.


The Oral-B Precision Black 7000 electric tooth brush offers a number of brushing modes for optimal cleaning in various situations.

  • Daily Clean is the standard mode for daily mouth cleaning. A two minutes timer guides the user through all the four quadrants with thirty seconds on each quadrant (a quadrant is half of a jaw).
  • Deep Clean is for mouth cleaning with extended brushing time of 45 seconds per quadrant.
  • Sensitive mode provides gentle, yet thorough cleaning for sensitive areas.
  • Whitening mode is optimized for tooth polishing.
  • Massage mode gives a very gentle massage to the gums
  • Tongue cleaning mode is specially provided to clean the tongue surface whenever desired or as a routine activity.

Pressure Sensor
Too much pressure may damage your gums and reduce the life of the bristles. If you are applying too much pressure while brushing a sensor detects this and warns you through the display to reduce the pressure.

The Display
Brushing instructions according to mode selected are transmitted to the display which displays a suitable icon or command. The display acts as a digital clock when not brushing. It is possible to use the display in the timer mode which has both up and down count modes selectable.

The system is powered by a rechargeable battery with an endurance of 10 days, twice a day for two minutes each. Once discharged, the battery can be charged from the mains via the charger /base unit. A full charge may take as long as twenty four hours. Another limitation is that only 110 Volt mains are acceptable. The lack of a dual voltage charging is not felt in short visits because of the 10 day endurance.
The manufacturer recommends a complete discharge every so often to preserve battery life. This is a limitation of the NiCd battery. It is not understood why the designer chose this type of battery. The predecessor model Oral B 5000 had a Li ion battery which does not have such a limitation.

Plaque Removal
The ultimate parameter for measuring the utility of tooth brush is plaque prevention and plaque removal. As per the manufacturer’s claim the oral B 7000 can remove twice as much plaque as other brushes on the market.

Travelling with the Oral B 7000
Because of the endurance of the battery it is very suitable as a travel tooth brush. For journeys over a week you will need to carry the charger also along.

User Reviews
Of all the six hundred and twenty reviews logged on the Amazon website four hundred and thirty three are five star, and the overall rating is claimed to be 4.6 That is a very respectable score and speaks for the general acceptability of the product.

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However, some reviewers reported that they had found the Oral B 7000 not much superior to the Oral B 5000, and hence, returned the 7000.That is a weighty comment when people note that the price difference is very noticeable.

Also, designing on a battery which needs to be completely discharged occasionally in order to maintain its capacity is not very convenient for high end customers. Charge time is 24 hours, and it runs for a total of forty minutes at two minutes twice a day for ten days. Perhaps another battery technology should be used to provide a shorter charging time and a larger capacity in the same volume.

Like all leading edge technology, you should expect oral B 7000 to have certain limitations. The first, of course, is the cost. The cost is justified only if you need all the versatility. But the limitation of 110 aims is that most countries, including UK,China,India and even Pakistan use 220V mains appliances. hence 110V application appliances are useless there. In fact it is a major limitations in this country.

For all the functionality provided the brush costs $147.99 with free shipping. The cost is on the higher side, but with all the functionality and convenience, many customers will pay that very willingly.

The manufacturers offer a 100% satisfaction or accept a return within sixty days. The item must be returned in the original packing with the purchase receipt .The refund is, however, in the form of coupon, and not cash.

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