Pearl Dental is Patty’s Teethpal she uses Oral-B Pulsar Medium Bristle Toothbrush

I’m Patty, I’m from Slovakia and today I am going to tell you a little bit about my dental routine.

First I’m going to review the products that I use and this review is for, where you can compare all the different products and dentists, and obtain dental advice. It’s a great website for that.

So for my toothpaste, I use ‘Blend-A-Med 3D White Fresh’ – this is a great toothpaste, because it removes all of the stains. I drink a lot of coffee, so it’s perfect for that. It keeps your teeth white without damaging the enamel too much, as some extreme whitening toothpastes tend to do.
Oral-B Pulsar Medium Bristle Toothbrush
I use Oral-B Pulsar Medium Bristle manual Toothbrush – they come in a wide variety. My dentist advised me to use a soft bristle brush because it doesn’t damage the teeth too much and it gets in all the corners of your mount.

Then I use a mouthwash – generally I use the first one i see on the shelf, but I really like ‘Listerine Zero’ as it doesn’t have alcohol in it and it leaves your breath smelling fresh and nice throughout the day.

So my ‘teeth pal’ – my dentist – is Pearl Dental in Bratislava and they make you feel very calm and at ease (and I know that a lot of people are scared to go to the dentist) yes, they make you feel really at ease, they are nice and they do their job. So yes – Pearl Dental.

Please make sure you go over to and there you can see all of the different reviews of dental hygiene products, of dentist and just advice on dental routines. Thank you so much for your attention.