Philips Sonicare HX6911 - 02I wouldn’t have bought this electric toothbrush from the Philips Sonicare series if it wasn’t recommended by our company dentist. I was satisfied with my previous toothbrush that it took me several days before getting used to this new one. Initially, it was quite uncomfortable to use but there were several features that attracted me to this product as days go by.

While I find the shape really odd as it looks like a tool comparable to one of TV shows about alien abduction, it felt so light that I can easily maneuver it when brushing my teeth. With that, there was no need for me to convince myself that my dentist knows best. The cost of dental health is escalating but after I discovered this Philips Sonicare HX6911/02 Flexcare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, I found it to be a great buddy for my oral and health and can save me money from costly dental concerns.
What’s funny is that each time I use this Philips electric toothbrush, I always say thank you “Mr. Dentist.” Yes, I moved on after parting with my old toothbrush as I became more endeared with this new toothbrush after every use. I discover more and more beneficial features of this toothbrush for my gums and teeth.

More Natural White Teeth with Sonic Technology
This is one area where I was full convinced that this is indeed the right dental brush for me as it has achieved what my old toothbrush did not; natural whiter teeth. The reason is due to the Philips exclusive Sonic Technology that gives approximately 31,000 strokes every 60 seconds. It can only mean that it gently removes plaque embedded in my teeth without damaging my sensitive gums. While the old brush did not damage my gums, I realized that my new toothbrush was more efficient in whitening my teeth as some of my office colleagues asked me if I have been to my dentist two weeks after using this new toothbrush.

ProResults Brush Heads
Part of the reason why I became so endeared with this toothbrush is the way it helps me address gum issues. I no longer experience bleeding gums each time I brush my teeth and it’s a huge thanks to the ProResults brush heads featured in this toothbrush. The brush head allows wider tooth coverage so with wider brushing motion, it enhances plaque removal. Thus, there’s no need to prolong brushing of gums which is one of the causes of bleeding gums. ProResults brush head ensures deep cleaning in between teeth and along the gum area. Because it has an angled design, it is more efficient as it reaches difficult to reach areas in the mouth. There are two brush heads in ProResults head; standard which I use during normal brushing and mini which I use when I decide to deep clean difficult to reach areas in the mouth.

Multiple Cleaning Functions
This toothbrush is an absolute masterpiece because of its three cleaning mode; clean mode for maximum cleaning power, sensitive mode for gentle brushing in sensitive areas in the mouth, and massage mode which is intended for soothing and stimulating cleaning action. I was more amazed when I discovered that aside from three different cleaning modes, this Philips Flexcare toothbrush has two brushing routines also; GoCare which is a 60 seconds routine ideal for in between regular brushing and Max Care which is a 3 minute routine combo at 2 minutes of Clean Mode and 60 seconds of Massage Mode. One of the reasons why I adjusted to this toothbrush very easily is that it comes with an “easy start” feature that lets me work my brushing activity comfortably by adjusting brushing strength for the 14 uses of this toothbrush; no uncomfortable feeling since then.

The Pros of Philips Sonicare HX6911/02
With these amazing features, you too will find some of its advantages worth sharing to your friends such as;

  • This toothbrush is definitely light and so portable that similar products will definitely suffer in comparison. This toothbrush shattered the myth that the bulkier the toothbrush, the more cleaning power it gives.
  • With powerful brush heads combined with three cleaning modes with two brushing routines, who needs another toothbrush? You have an oral hygiene companion that cleans and whitens your teeth without damaging sensitive gums.
  • It comes with a powerful battery which has a longer shelf life and this suits me well as I am always on the go and I do not have to waste too much time waiting for full recharging of the toothbrush.
  • The size and weight of this toothbrush is a pure delight on my part as I can easily slide it in my bag because it is not bulky. I always have this toothbrush whether I am at home or during my travels.

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The Cons of This Toothbrush
Although my dentist assured me that this is a superior toothbrush, I also expected that this product has some flaws and true to it I did find one weakness. It is still not a quiet toothbrush as I got to hear annoying noise while brushing my teeth. However, I embraced the fact that this is much quieter compared with my old toothbrush that I no longer have to hum while brushing to get rid of the annoying sound of the toothbrush.

User Reviews
Many of those who bought this product find this electric toothbrush an excellent product thus it received an average of 4.3 star rating out of 5 stars with more than 800 users who reviewed this toothbrush.

Overall Review
Do not let the size and weight of this product fool you as this toothbrush is packed with amazing features that help you achieve maximum oral and dental health. If you find the price quite expensive, why not treat the expense as an investment? You will definitely reap lots of returns after you experience what I experienced; people asking me if I have been to my dentist lately.

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