Best Dental Implants Cebu

January 31, 2016

Need an artifacial replacement for your missing teeth ? Here in Cebu, we have the best dentists to perform a dental implant for you. Dentists which only uses the modern technology and best practice in dental implant procedure. Prosthetic denstistry such as artificial teeth replament are a bit complicated and dangerous, acquiring the service of experienced and proven Dentists that will help you get a new set of teeth is…


Am I a Suitable Candidate For Getting Dental Implants?

March 23, 2015

A few decades back, the only option available to a dental patient for restoration of missing teeth was the provision of removable or fixed dentures. However, continued developments in the area of dental materials science has resulted in the development of dental implants, which can be considered as the ideal form of tooth replacement for edentulous patients. A dental implant refers to any material that is anchored within or placed…